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Dynamic Mail Marketing

Dynamic - Dynamic. Relevant. The more relevant your marketing message, the greater the likelihood of the desired response. Dynamic Mail Marketing provides the opportunity to individually customize your message to each recipient. Our unique capability to customize your message is second to none! Mailings Unlimited has the creativity, experience, resources and staff to make your marketing message as relevant, powerful and distinctive as each of your customers.

Mail - Direct mail is a time-tested tool that continues to be a strong performer in the marketing mix. While email is fast, inexpensive, and can be a terrific test medium, it is increasingly blocked by both users and their service providers. Direct mail gets delivered every time. With direct mail, you have so much more than just a subject line with which to capture your recipient’s attention. While email, search engines, banners and social media all have a place, direct mail is the most powerful way to enhance the effectiveness of your overall campaign.

Marketing - Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. You have invested time and effort into learning everything you can about your clients and prospects. Mailings Unlimited can help you translate that information into a highly relevant marketing campaign. Whether you are looking to expand the relationship you have with current customers or acquire new ones, Mailings Unlimited has the experience and creativity to help you increase your marketing response.

Variable Data Printing

Studies show that both response and close rates are improved with an increase in the relevance of the message. VDP (Variable Data Printing) is the technology that makes this possible, and it is our specialty. Far more than mail-merge or personalization, our technology allows for extreme customization of your message. One data file can produce virtually limitless “versions” of your mail-piece, each with customizable text, images, layout and styles. Imagine the possibilities!

Cross Media

Today’s marketing is multi-faceted. Direct mail, email, social media and web offer a number of opportunities. Mailings Unlimited will tie all of these channels together into one unified campaign. We will provide you with a marketing dashboard that will let you track the effectiveness of each touch point, increasing the power of your cross media campaign.

Personalized URLs

PURL (Personalized URL) is VDP for the web. A PURL allows you to provide and receive personal and relevant information from the recipient. As part of a unified cross media campaign, PURLs can also be used to generate additional documents, such as personalized coupons, based on that information. These will be delivered either over the web, through email or direct mail. This tracking response vehicle will allow you to identify hot and warm leads.

QR Codes

QR Codes provide prospects with an easy and fun way to obtain information about your company via their mobile device. We will help you enhance the viewer’s experience by providing relevant and targeted information designed for a mobile device. Our staff is trained to walk you through the steps of determining an appropriate offer using the QR Code.